What is Scribe?

Scribe is a unique data aggregation and engagement rewards program. It allows project owners to provide goals and activities for their communities while they work on longer term roadmap initiatives and reward supporters for achieving those goals. Rewarded activities include games and social media engagement beneficial to the project.

The primary function of Scribe is to add value and utility to every NFT project as it is used out in the world. This is achieved by adding XP to your NFT and leveling it up by using compatible apps and games! With Scribe, project founders can provide level-based perks to their NFT holders, enabling them to extend their roadmap, create events with high engagement, and provide extras for true fans. Scribe also creates additional discoverability and pre-built leveling features for developer’s Web3 games and apps. Why Build Scribe?
Many NFT projects lose momentum later in their roadmap, leaving holders with NFTs they like, but don’t hold market value relative to others in the collection. When users champion the brand by using their NFT as a profile picture, they are not rewarded. NFTs are not currently made for portability across apps/games, and lack usable metadata aside from visual traits. Therefore developers have no common point of reference to be able to use those NFTs, and are ultimately unable to return them to the blockchain with any evidence of accumulated experience, events, or achievements completed by the holder. Scribe resolves these problems by awarding XP for desired actions by the holder. How Does Scribe Work?
Scribe attaches metadata, like XP, to an NFT, either on-chain or in our database depending on the NFT project. Apps and games are able to submit reports of activities the NFT was party to, with a suggestion of experience to add to the NFT (and by proxy, the holder). The XP is permanent on the NFT, which stays with it from owner to owner. Developers and Project owners can use these stats to provide increased perks to the holder. The user can Level Up their NFT and collect achievements/events/titles with it to make it more valuable than others in the same collection. This adds a gamified competitive aspect within a project and across the entire space of NFT collection activity.